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Make your day unique! With Our Fully Draped Twinkle Light Tent 

It's about striking the perfect balance between visibility and ambiance, ensuring every guest can navigate the space with ease while appreciating the intricate details,

Illuminate your wedding tent in a way that captures the essence of your special day.



Our sizes;       Capacity For Tables Only 


40’x40’     CAPACITY #16 ROUND TABLES 60'

40'X50'    CAPACITY #20 ROUND TABLES 60'

40'X60'    CAPACITY #24 ROUND TABLES 60'

40'X70'.    CAPACITY #28 ROUND TABLES 60'

40'X80'.    CAPACITY #32 ROUND TABLES 60'

40'X90'     CAPACITY #36 ROUND TABLES 60'

40'X100'   CAPACITY #40 ROUND TABLES 60'

40'X110'    CAPACITY #44 ROUND TABLES 60'

40'X120'.   CAPACITY #48 ROUND TABLES 60'

UP TO 40'X200'  



Fully Draped Twinkle Light Industrial Tent

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