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Magnolia Lux Black Velvet Lounge Set Includes:

#2 ; Round Tufted Ottomans

#2 ; Square Tufted Ottomans
#2 ; Rectangular Tufted Ottomans
#1 ; Clear Coffee Table


* Security Deposit Required *


Staining Policy:
Due to the staining nature of body oils, body makeup, dark or black denim colors, we ask that person/s wearing those materials NOT BE PERMITTED to sit in chair/s. This caution includes but is not limited to other popular staining hazards like curry (food), ink/marker, coffee, red wine, etc. Staining hazards will cause permanent damage to the rentals and lessee will be responsible for the full replacement value of the rented item and/or assessed a cleaning fee if the unit is determined not to be permanently damaged.

Magnolia Luxe

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