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Regular Tent offers the ideal solution for those seeking a spacious tent without breaking the bank. Our tents provide ample room for large gatherings or events while remaining budget-friendly. Discover the perfect balance of size, quality, and affordability with Regular Tent.



Our sizes;       Capacity For Tables Only 


40’x40’     CAPACITY #16 ROUND TABLES 60'

40'X50'    CAPACITY #20 ROUND TABLES 60'

40'X60'    CAPACITY #24 ROUND TABLES 60'

40'X70'.    CAPACITY #28 ROUND TABLES 60'

40'X80'.    CAPACITY #32 ROUND TABLES 60'

40'X90'     CAPACITY #36 ROUND TABLES 60'

40'X100'   CAPACITY #40 ROUND TABLES 60'

40'X110'    CAPACITY #44 ROUND TABLES 60'

40'X120'.   CAPACITY #48 ROUND TABLES 60'

UP TO 40'X200'  



Regular Comercial Tent

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